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6 Barn Bays 2ft Wider the Average Bays

Tri-Foam Wax in Each bay

Hot Air Dryers in Front Bays

Free Undercarriage Wash Each Time You Enter

Fully Automatic Wash T-700 Pro 8 Inches Wider and Can Accommodate up to 9Ft Vehicles

4 Options of Automatic Wash 2 Touchless @ Soft Touch

75Ft Truck/RV Bay

Sani Dump in RV Bay

Every Bay with its own On Demand Hot Water Tank


AIR FRESHENERS Suds-Station_edited.jpg

Best Wash in Western Canada

We've Went out of our way to make sure you get the best wash. There is NO Reason a Small Town can't have the best CarWash around.  Everything from our top Quality Soaps and Waxes, Always having Hot Water, Bigger Wider Bays and Attention to Every Detail in Our Wash to make it stand above all other Washes. 

Upgraded Lighting - Concrete Barriers between Bays - More Horse Power and Pressure on all Pumps - Complimentary Shammies for Every Wash - Fully Stocked Store Front for All Your Cleaning Needs - Dual Filtered Spot Free Water

Come Find Out Why we are the BEST Wash Around!!!!

Elevate Your Wash to the Next Level!!!

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